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Contemplating Mindfulness at Work - An Integrative Review

Meditation leads to reduced default mode network activity beyond an active task


Evidence for Mindfulness: A Research Summary for the Corporate Sceptic


Examining workplace mindfulness and its relations to job performance and turnover intention


Effective and viable mind-body stress reduction in the workplace: a randomized controlled trial


Benefits of mindfulness at work: The role of mindfulness in emotion regulation, emotional exhaustion, and job satisfaction


Initial results from a study of the effects of meditation on multitasking performance

Brief mindfulness meditation training alters psychological and neuroendocrine responses to social evaluative stress


Effects of Mindfulness on Psychological Health: A Review of Empirical Studies


Weekly change in mindfulness and perceived stress in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program


Neural mechanisms of attentional control in mindfulness meditation


Randomized controlled trial of mindfulness meditation for generalized anxiety disorder: effects on anxiety and stress reactivity

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